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⇐ TAS5612 Class-D 2.1 Stereo PurePath™ HD Amplifier [150W x 2] + Sub-Woofer [75W] + Audio Tuning TPA3255 High Performance Ultra-HD Class-D Stereo Amplifier Board [315W x 2] ⇒

2.1 TDA7294 Amplifier Board

Brand: Yuan Jing
Product Code: AMP-TDA7294-2.1-EQ-001
Availability: In Stock
USD $81.80
Dimensions: 218mm X 98mm X 40mm (LxWxH)
Total Weight (Item + Packaging): 950g

2.1 TDA7294 Amplifier Board


Product details:


n Using a new TDA7294 Chip


n Power filter with 6 63V3300UF capacitor, the rectifier using 25A imported rectifier flat bridge. 



n Fever components, subwoofer section consists of two new TDA7294 BTL output, 


n Low-pass filter is adjustable according to the frequency of home theater design (50-150HZ), the power is strong! 


n Left and right channel separately by two TDA7294, input coupling capacitor with Germany importing WIMA 2.2UF coupling capacitors sound sweeter! 


n Extremely high signal to noise ratio of the Board, ear trumpet could be heard to hum! Is upgrade 2.1 power amplifier the best choice! 

Basic parameters

Power supply: dual-18-28V AC

Power: 2X80W+160W subwoofer

Circuit board size: 218x98mm

Potentiometer function: frequency adjust subwoofer volume. Left and right channel volume, treble, bass. 



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