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⇐ AKM AK4399 32Bit 192KHz I2S Converter Board With USB Port AK4495 SEQ I2S DAC Decoder Board (Upgrade Version) ⇒

24Bit / 192KHz LCD DAC Decoder Soft Control PCM1794+AK4118 Optical, Coaxial, USB

Product Code: FNB-DAC-AK4118-MB-001
Availability: In Stock
USD $61.50
Dimensions: 132mm X 117mm X 30mm (LxWxH)
Total Weight (Item + Packaging): 420g

Available Options

* USB Decoder Daughter Board:

24Bit / 192KHz LCD DAC Decoder Soft Control PCM1794+AK4118 Optical, Coaxial, USB

Remark: We programmed the latest firmware to our customer when ordered this board in our web-store. 

Encoder / Decoder / Op-Amp

- Uses AK4118 - AKM 24Bit / 192KHz Transceiver
- Uses PCM1794 - TI Audio 123dB SNR Stereo DAC
- Uses AD927- Very Low Noise Op-Amp 
- Build in interfcae for USB Daughter Board connection.


- Sampling Rate :
    Coaxial = up to 192KHz
    Optical = up to 96KHz 
     USB = Depended on USB Daughter Board Specification
Uses Metal Resistors with accuracy of ± 1%
- Uses Nichicon E-Caps and Film Cap for Coupling

- Uses 2.0 oz copper thickness with PCB FR4 material

Input / Output Interface / Display

- Input Interface: Coaxial , Optical, USB
- Output Interface: RCA Stereo  
- LCD Display 1602 and Rotary Encoder for Audio Source Selection

Power Section

- Uses Nichicon E-Cap for power filter
- Uses Fast Recovery Rectifier Diode
- Uses LT1963EQ-3.3 - Low Noise Fast transient response LDO

Power Requirements

- Voltage Range: AC 6 ~ 9V , AC 9V and AC 12V-0-12V  or  AC 12V-0-12V /15W and AC 15V-0-15V /15W
- Recommended Voltage: AC 9V / 10W , AC 9V /10W  and AC 12V-0-12V /10W

Remark:  The USB daughter board are an optional items, which is not included in this main decoder board.

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