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⇐ LM4610 + NE5532 Audio Tuning Board CS3310 LCD 128x64 Remote Volume & Channel Selector Board ⇒

5.1 Channels Audio Tuning Board [2016 Version]

Product Code: FNB-EQ-NE5532-007
Availability: In Stock
USD $28.50
Dimensions: 254mm X 43mm X 32mm (LxWxH)
Total Weight (Item + Packaging): 320g

Audio Tuning Board [2016 Version]

Product details:

n The original NE5532.


n Electrolytic Capacitor signal primary circuit using Taiwan brand names, main filter capacitor adopt Japan welcome capacity 2x1000UF, 2A bridge rectifier and above, ensure powerful stream of support.


n Resistance selection of rings of metal resistance, main circuit using precision metal film resistors ± 1% ring to ensure good signal to noise ratio of the whole machine.


n Left and right channel imported input coupling capacitor 1UF, other high-frequency filter capacitor imported from Siemens, the treble clearer sound more sweet! High and low sounds are combined with more perfect!



n Totally enclosed dust potentiometer, the performance is more stable and more durable than ordinary potentiometers!


n Using gold-plated hole IC, can everyone likes free exchange of other operational amplifier IC


n Whole circuit board layout is quite strict and reasonable, PCB wiring using ground as a whole. Stable and reliable, low-frequency sound solid and strong, signal to noise ratio is excellent, wide dynamic range; details clear, excellent transient response, play a variety of music to cope, playback of the family environment and achieve very good results.


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