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AK4495 SEQ I2S DAC Decoder Board (Upgrade Version)

Product Code: FNB-DAC-AK4495-MB-001
Availability: In Stock
USD $54.49
Dimensions: 155mm X 87mm X 40mm (LxWxH)
Total Weight (Item + Packaging): 260g

AK4495SEQ I2S DAC Decoder Board (Upgrade Version)

The AK4495S/95 is a 32-bit DAC, which corresponds to high-performance, high sound quality digital audio systems such as DVD-Audio and BD. An internal circuit includes newly developed 32-bit digital filters for better sound quality, achieving low distortion characteristics and wide dynamic range. The AK4495S/95 has full differential SCF outputs, removing the need for AC coupling capacitors and increasing performance for systems with excessive clock jitter. The AK4495S/95 accepts up to 768kHz PCM data and 5.6MHz DSD data, ideal for a wide range of applications including Network Audio and SACD.


Encoder / Decoder / Op-Amp

- Uses AK4495SEQ - Quality-oriented Premium 32-Bit 2ch DAC
- Uses AD927 - High Speed, Low Power Dual Op Amp
- Uses LT1963 -  Low Noise, Fast Transient Response LDO Regulators


- Sampling Rate: Up to 32Bit / 768KHz
- Build-in Digital Filter Selecion DIP Switch
- Uses Metal Resistors with Accuracy of ± 1% 
- Uses Nover E-Caps and Film Cap for Coupling

Input / Output Interface 

- Input Interface: II2S Socket (5 Pins)
- Output Interface: Stereo (Solider Pad)

Power Section

Uses Nover  4700uF / 25V E-Cap for power filter
- Uses Fast Recovery Rectifier Diode


Power Requirements

- Voltage Range: AC 9V / 10W and AC 12V-0-12V  / 10W or  AC 15V-0-15V /10W
- Recommended Voltage: AC 9V / 10W  and  AC 12V-0-12V /10W

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