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⇐ SD Lossless Digital Player AK4495SEQ x2 Soft Control Supports DOP DSD ⇒

AK4495SEQ x2 Software Control DAC Decoder

Product Code: DACU-AK4495X2-001
Availability: In Stock
USD $248.67
Total Weight (Item + Packaging): 2,450g

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* Operation Voltage:

AK4495SEQ x2 Software Control DAC Decoder

Product details:


n The original AK4495SEQ (2) +AK4118+NE5534


n Electrolytic Capacitor signal primary circuit by Philips, ELNA, Panasonic, and other brand-name, the main filter capacitor using NOVER audio-specific capacitance 4x4700UF, using full-wave bridge rectifier circuit, ensure powerful stream of support.


n Resistance selection of rings of metal resistance, main circuit using precision metal film resistors ± 1% ring to ensure good signal to noise ratio of the whole machine. 


n Optical fiber, coaxial, USB input signal encoder switch left right rotation switch


n Direct sampling frequency, 


n Support DOPDSD


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