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⇐ 16Bit / 48KHz USB DAC Decoder Board CM102S + SGM8054 + CS8416 AK4495SEQ+AK4118 DAC decoder Board ⇒

AKM AK4490 I2S Decoder Board + Bluetooth 4.0 (Single Supply)

Brand: Yuan Jing
Product Code: FNB-DAC-AK4490-BT-002
Availability: In Stock
USD $42.50
Dimensions: 114mm X 65mm X 25mm (LxWxH)
Total Weight (Item + Packaging): 180g

AKM AK4490 I2S Decoder Board + Bluetooth 4.0 (Single Supply)

Product details:

n Uses Original AK4490 and 


n JRC5532 Low Noise Dual Opertional Amplifier.


n Uses High Quality E-Cap for Good Power.


n Uses high-precision chip resistors, to ensure good signal to noise ratio of the whole machine.


n Double Layers PCB design with 2.0 oz copper thickness.


n Bluetooth 4.0 and Receiving Distance up to 13 Meters.


Basic parameters:

Operation Voltage: DC 12V

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