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DIY KIT TPA3116 Class-D 2.0 Stereo Power Amplifier

Brand: Yuan Jing
Product Code: 252-TPA3116-DIY-KIT
Availability: SOLD OUT
USD $95.00
Dimensions: 261mm X 165mm X 61mm (LxWxH)
Total Weight (Item + Packaging): 2,000g

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* Front Plate:

DIY KIT - TPA3116 Class-D 2.0 Stereo Power Amplifier [50W+50W]


Product Details:

This is DIY Kit, you need to solder and assembly it by yourself.

For Amplifier Board

1. Powered By TI TPA3116D Class-D Stereo Amplifier Chip
2. Use MKP, Siemens Coupling Boxed Caps and 
3. Output LC Filter, C-RC Snubber are used by all axial parts, easy to change it for different speaker load.
4. Use all axial parts for input impedance changes with the gain setting.
5. Use ± 1% Metal Resistors
6. Use Shielded Inductors for filter
7. Use 2.0 oz copper thickness with PCB FR4 material

Key Parameters:

Power Efficiency: > 90%
Quiescent Supply Current: 50mA
Freq. Response: 20Hz ~ 20KHz
Rated Output Power: 2 x 50W @ 4 Ohm

For Power Supply

1. Type: Switching Mode Power Supply
2. Primary Input: AC110 ~ 220V @ 50Hz , Output: DC 24V / 3A  , Adj. Output Voltage +/- 10%

For Accessories

1. Volume Pot.
2. Use C.M.C Gold Plated RCA Connector
3. Speaker Terminals
4. AC Socket
5. AC Power Switch
6. ScrewsPack
7. Wires Pack

Remark: The Power Cable is an optional item, which is not included in this unit. 


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