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⇐ PGA2310 LCD Remote Volume & Channel Selector Board 5.1 Channels Audio Tuning Board [2016 Version] ⇒

LM4610 + NE5532 Audio Tuning Board

Product Code: FNB-EQ-LM4610-001
Availability: In Stock
USD $26.20
Dimensions: 177mm X 52mm X 32mm (LxWxH)
Total Weight (Item + Packaging): 260g

LM4610 + NE5532 Audio Tuning Board

Product details:


The original LM4610N+NE5532


Electrolytic Capacitor signal primary circuit using Taiwan brand names, main filter capacitor Electrolytic Capacitor 4x10000UF of used Nikon dedicated, full-wave bridge rectifier circuit, ensure powerful stream of support.


Resistance selection of rings of metal resistance, main circuit using precision metal film resistor Ensure better signal to noise ratio of the whole machine.


Totally enclosed dust potentiometer, the performance is more stable and more durable than ordinary potentiometers!


Coupling capacitance MET 3.3UF/100V


Switch S1 is the 3D sound switch S2 for loudness switch.


Basic parameter:

Power supply voltage: AC12V-0-AC12V or AC15V-0-15V

Potentiometer distance: left to right 35mm*35mm*35mm

Potentiometer features: bass, treble, balance and volume. 


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