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STA326 OLED 2.1 Digital Amplifier

Product Code: AMPU-STA326-2.1-DAC-001
Availability: In Stock
USD $89.30
Dimensions: 190mm X 125mm X 40mm (LxWxH)
Total Weight (Item + Packaging): 1,120g

STA326 2.1 Digital Amplifier (50W+50W) 

(not including power supply, you need to buy DC32V DC power supply) 


Product details:

n The original STA326 PCM2706 AK4113


n Coupling capacitance by Germany Siemens


n Electrolytic Capacitor signal primary circuit using Taiwan brand names, main filter capacitor 1800UF*3 Gold electrolytic capacitors, ensure powerful stream of support. 


n Resistance selection of rings of metal resistance, main circuit using precision metal film resistors ± 1% ring to ensure good signal to noise ratio of the whole machine. 


n Step into the encoder is used, the performance is more stable, more durable! 


n Special inductors for high-current shielded audio to ensure crisp and powerful voice. 


n This machine adopt aluminum chassis, chassis surface used in all drawing coloring technology of treatment, feel very good! 


n Fiber-optic coaxial signal using AK4113 Chip


n Display using the latest technology OLED 0.96-inch HD display


n Dimension: knobs to the output terminals are 225 x (W) 125 x (H) 40mm body: 190*125*40mm

Basic parameters:

1. Work: Class-D

2. Static current: 50mA

3. Efficiency: 90%

4. Rated output power: 50W+25W+25W

5. Sampling: 24BIT/ 192K

6. Voltage: DC24V-32V (32V works best) / 2A

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