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TAS5630 Sub-Woofer Amplifier (600W)

Brand: Yuan Jing
Product Code: AMPU-TAS5630-SB-001
Availability: In Stock
USD $78.50
Total Weight (Item + Packaging): 1,290g

TAS5630 Sub-Woofer Amplifier (600W)

The TAS5630 is a high-performance analog-input class-D amplifier with integrated closed-loop feedback technology (known as PurePath HD technology) with the ability to drive up to 300 W (1) stereo into 4-Ω to 8-Ω speakers from a single 50-V supply.

PurePath HD technology enables traditional AB-amplifier performance (<0.03% THD) levels while providing the power efficiency of traditional class-D amplifiers. 


- Original TAS5630 High Performance Power Amplifier Chip and OPA1632DR High Performance Audio Op-Amp and TL072 Low Noise JFET Op-Amp.

- Output Power:      300W @ 8 Ohm
                                  600W @ 4 Ohm
- Build with Volume (gain) control and
- Adjustable Frequency Crossover
Uses Metal Resistors with accuracy of ± 1%
- Uses 2.0 oz copper thickness with PCB FR4 material

Control Interface 

- L.H.S: 1) Frequency   2) Master Volume

Input / Output Interface 

- Input Interface: RCA Line Input  (Stereo)
- Output Interface: Two Terminals

Power Requirements

- Operation Voltage: DC 48V

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