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⇐ STA516B 2.1 power amplifier Board (320W+160W+160W) TPA3123 Class-D 2.1 Stereo Amplifier [25W x 2]+ Sub-Woofer Board [50W] ⇒

TDA7294 2.1-channel standard (upgrade) power amplifier Board (with speaker protection)

Product Code: AMP-TDA7294-2.1-EQ-002
Availability: In Stock
USD $81.80
Dimensions: 238mm X 98mm X 38mm (LxWxH)
Total Weight (Item + Packaging): 850g




Product details:

≪/span> European famous SGS-THOMSON ST Microelectronics company in the 90 's break out a whole new field output of high-power laser black TDA7294 integrated circuit. Is bile. Completely change the integrated amplifiers in the past, cold, hard sound, widely used in HI-FI applications. The chip design with a focus on timbre. with high voltage, low noise, low distortion, reproducing the timbre softer, and has a short circuit and overheating protection


n Power filter with 6 50V3300UF Nikon capacitors, Rectifier using 25A imported rectifier flat bridge. ≪/span>




n Totally enclosed dust potentiometer, the performance is more stable and more durable than ordinary potentiometers! ≪/span>


n Special add advanced UPC1237 speaker protection circuit, keep your speakers more secure. ≪/span>


n Fever components, subwoofer section consists of two new TDA7294 BTL output low-pass filter is adjustable according to the frequency of home theater design (50-150HZ), the power is strong! Left and right channel separately by two TDA7294, input coupling capacitor with Germany importing WIMA 2.2UF coupling capacitors sound sweeter! Extremely high signal to noise ratio of the Board, ear trumpet could be heard to hum! Is upgrade 2.1 power amplifier the best choice! ≪/span>

Basic parameters:

≪/span> Power supply: dual-18-24V AC


≪/span> Power: 2X80W+160W subwoofer


≪/span> Circuit board size: 238x98mm


≪/span> Potentiometer function: frequency adjust subwoofer volume. Left and right channel volume, treble, bass. ≪/span>



TDA729421 _5401



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