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TDA7492 optical fiber coaxial USB DAC decoding amplifier (50W+50W)

Product Code: FNB-DAC-TDA7492-MB-001
Availability: In Stock
USD $144.33
Dimensions: 145mm X 195mm X 48mm (LxWxH)
Total Weight (Item + Packaging): 950g


  • amplifier type: HIFI power amplifier
  • model: TDA7492+ line
  • color: white black
  • Channels: 2
  • output power: 50W+50W
  • size: 145x195x48mm
  • weight: 0.7KG
  • ≪li title= "4-8 €" > impedance: 4-8 euro

    TDA7492 USB DAC decoder amplifier coaxial



    Product details:

    n The original TDA7492


    n Top WIMA capacitor coupling capacitance 1.8UF, electrolytic capacitors signal primary circuit using Taiwan brand names, main filter capacitor with BC dedicated 2x2200UF electrolytic capacitor capacity, ensuring strong continuous support. ≪/span>


    n Resistance selection of rings of metal resistance, main circuit using high-precision chip resistors, to ensure good signal to noise ratio of the whole machine. ≪/span>



    ≪span style= "font-family: Verdana; letter-spacing:0.0pt;font-size:13.5pt;" >.

    n Red Loop inductance of output current, output power; sound beautiful and mellow, sound field open. Grills, low frequency sound solid and strong, signal to noise ratio is excellent, wide dynamic range; details clear, excellent transient response, play a variety of music to cope, playback of the family environment and achieve very good results. ≪/span>


    n Collection of native fiber-optic, coaxial, USB, And ≪/span>


    n This machine adopt aluminum chassis, chassis surface used in all drawing coloring technology of treatment, all-aluminum knobs, feels very good! ≪/span>

    Basic parameters:

    ≪/span> Works: d

    ≪/span> Static current: 50mA

    ≪/span> Efficiency: 90%

    ≪/span> Rated output power: 2*50W

    ≪/span> Frequency response: 20Hz to 20KHz

    ≪/span> Voltage: DC20V to DC24V

    ≪/span> Recommended power supply voltage: DC24V

    ≪/span> TDA7492USBDAC50W50W-29109248894_8222

     TDA7492USBDAC50W50W-29109248894_8222 ≪/span> TDA7492USBDAC50W50W-29109248894_8222 ≪/span>


    < /Font>

    TDA7492USBDAC50W50W-29109248894_8222 < /Span>

    TDA7492USBDAC50W50W-29109248894_8222 < /span>



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