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TDA7498 optical fiber coaxial USB DAC decoding amplifier (80W+80W)

Product Code: AMPU-TDA7498-S-D-001
Availability: In Stock
USD $153.50
Total Weight (Item + Packaging): 1,250g


  • amplifier type: HIFI power amplifier
  • model: TDA7498
  • channels: 2
  • output power : 80W+80W
  • impedance: 6-8 euro

TDA7498 fiber-optic coaxial USB DAC decoding amplifier (80W+80W)



Product details:

n Original TDA7498, And ≪/span>, And ≪/span>, And ≪/span>, And ≪/span>


n Coupling capacitance capacitor adopt Siemens top 2.2UF, electrolytic capacitors signal primary circuit using Taiwan brand names, main filter capacitor with three camps dedicated 6800UF 50V electrolytic capacitors capacity to ensure strong continuous support. ≪/span>


n Resistance selection of rings of metal resistance, main circuit using high-precision chip resistors, to ensure good signal to noise ratio of the whole machine. ≪/span>




n Red Loop inductance of output current, output power; sound beautiful and mellow, sound field open. Grills, low frequency sound solid and strong, signal to noise ratio is excellent, wide dynamic range; details clear, excellent transient response, play a variety of music to cope, playback of the family environment and achieve very good results. ≪/span>


n Collection of native fiber-optic, coaxial, USB DAC decoder, the appearance of small size, power, input, very suitable for families to play music! ≪/span>


n This machine adopt aluminum chassis, chassis surface used in all drawing coloring technology of treatment, all-aluminum knobs, feels very good! ≪/span>


n Optical fiber coaxial CS8416 SGM8054,USB TE7022, And ≪/span>


n Audio output support 24BIT-96K

Basic parameters

≪/span> Works: d

≪/span> Static current: 65mA

≪/span> Efficiency: 90%

≪/span> Rated output power: 2*80W

≪/span> Frequency response: 20Hz to 20KHz

≪/span> Voltage: DC24V, from DC32V

TDA7498USBDAC80W80W_4190TDA7498USBDAC80W80W_4190TDA7498USBDAC80W80W_4190 TDA7498USBDAC80W80W_4190TDA7498USBDAC80W80W_4190TDA7498USBDAC80W80W_4190TDA7498USBDAC80W80W_4190TDA7498USBDAC80W80W_4190






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