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⇐ 16Bit / 48KHz USB DAC Decoder Board PCM2704 Single-Ended Headphone Output 24Bit / 96KHz USB DAC Decoder Board TE7022 + WM8741 + AD827 ⇒

XMOS U8+AK4495SEQ USB decode Board (special offer)

Product Code: FNB-DAC-AK4495-MB-002
Availability: In Stock
USD $89.27
Dimensions: 178mm X 127mm X 25mm (LxWxH)
Total Weight (Item + Packaging): 280g





Product details:

≪/span>XMOS is a new architecture of MCU, is a 32-bit high performance multi-core event-driven processing devices. XMOS can complete MCU control functions, like FPGA timing can be achieved, more complex data like DSP processing. Integrated MCU, FPGA and DSP features all in one. XMOS and its unique architecture, you can complete common MCU can complete things. AK4495S AKM is the fourth generation of chip, and world's first support for 32BIT 768K decoder chip, full beyond the AKM43XX series at the technology. The chip to simulate part two-channel independent power supply and reference voltage respectively, effectively reducing crosstalk. AK4495S has 4 modes of digital filter with adjustable, also incorporates a newly developed analog circuit realization of a wealth of acoustic and bass, digital components with a separate 32-bit math module provides a complete set of 32 bit processing. AK4495S developed by AKM company is using switched-capacitor filters greatly reduce the impact of noise shaping, achieving very low distortion of music playback experience. While Audio 4 Pro (TM) series chips have excellent vocal performance, this is an important reason we choose the chip! ≪/span>


n The original AK4495SEQ, op AD827, LT1963-3.3


n Electrolytic Capacitor electrolytic NOVER brands of imported 4700UF/35V, other capacitor imported Philips or Siemens Taiwan brand names, using full-wave bridge rectifier circuit, ensure powerful stream of support. ≪/span>


n Copper foot metal resistance resistance selection of rings, main circuit with brass feet accuracy ± 1% ring metal film resistors, to ensure good signal to noise ratio of the whole machine. ≪/span>

≪span style= "font-family: Verdana; letter-spacing:0.0pt;font-size:13.5pt;" >



n <span style="font-family: Verdana; letter-spacing:0.0pt;font-size:13.5pt;" ≫ak4495seq="" akm="" is="" the="" company's="" most="" advanced="" chip,="" support="" 32bit="" 768k


Basic parameters:

≪/span> Voltage: AC15V-0-AC15V (15W) ≪/span>, And ≪/span>, And ≪/span>






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